OTL Chicago Month-to-Month / Two Seat Premiere All Inclusive Seat Filler Membership


$11.99 per month; Cancel Anytime


Please note that monthly members cannot convert to the lower monthly renewal fee. Members must purchase a three-month starter membership if interested in the discounted monthly renewal rate.

By registering as a new OTL member, you understand that OTL is a Seat Filler Membership Club and not a ticket broker or ticket shopping site. Members receive totally free tickets, can decide which shows to attend (based on availability), but must attend every show that they reserve tickets to as part of the membership rules. There will not be shows posted every day. Tickets to shows are only available when OTL's entertainment partners have seats they need to fill but members should be invited to at least a few shows per month.

All New Members must review and agree to abide by OTL's Membership Rules.

OTL Membership Rules

OTL Cancellation/No Refund Policy - OTL LOVES their members and wants them to stay as long as they're using and enjoying their membership. However, if a member isn't getting out to shows and feels it's time to cancel, he/she is responsible for cancelling their own membership via the "My Account" link in the Member Area. Upon cancellation, the membership ends at the conclusion of the pre-paid dues and the member will not be charged again. Dues already paid is non-refundable.

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OTL Membership Rules & No Refund Policy - please read each of the 7 statements below and check each box to indicate your acceptance - all members must agree to these policies as condition of membership:
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